Over the last 20 years it has been observed that children participate in organised sports because they expect to have fun, learn skills, develop fitness, and enjoy competition.

Our sports program is designed to evolve the physical fitness of children through a comprehensive and structured annual curriculum. It integrates learning with fun filled activities and games while ensuring utmost safety of children. Our expert panel of sports specialists, coaches and fitness instructors proffer their best training to this generation of youngsters who need to be awakened from a sedentary life pattern.

Acuver works with schools to implement an integrated Sports and Performing Arts program. The programme is designed to offer as formal subject as in academics.The Acuver Sports & Performing Arts programme are implemented through Innofun, Innofit, Innorun, Innoexcel and Talentia.

We work to give every child a sporting start in life through high quality PE and sport in schools by way of :

  • Physical Education 
  •  Healthy Active Lifestyle
  •  Competitive School Sports

Acuver Provides :

  1. Coaches
  2. QAG
  3. Train The Trainer Program
  4. Assessment Of Students
  5. Events – Annual Sports Days And School Annual Day
  6. Inter House And Inter School Competitions.
  7. After School Program


Pre-primary Sports Programme​

INNOFUN is an educational sports programme specially designed for Pre schoolers/Pre School Children. It focuses on fun based learning where children learn essential skills while they are having fun. 


Primary Sports Programme​

Our INNOFIT programme offers sports instruction and practice in diverse skills through developmentally appropriate activities specially designed for children in the primary grades. 


Secondary Sports Programme​

INNORUN programme is based on an in-depth study and understanding of the physical, psychological, emotional, and educational needs of all secondary school children.